Efficiefy is a service which helps to manage domain knowledge at your software projects. It is important for business to keep the best employees and their knowledge at the projects. To do that you should manage knowledge in a correct way. Using Efficiefy you can assign work in a such way, that knowledge would be transfered properly within development teams' members.

It is called so, because its goal is to make development process more efficient, to "efficiefy" it.

For team leads, project managers, scrum masters, product owners. The value is increasing with a team size. It would be already visible for teams with 7+ developers.

  • Efficient knowledge sharing
  • Risks control
  • Better work planning
  • Balanced team, where there is no any single rock stars, but the team is a rock star
  • Faster onboarding
  • Smoothly distributed domain knowledge

Efficiefy provides code metrics, but this is not the main goal. Our main goal and idea is to improve knowledge sharing and transfering in development teams.

Efficiefy provides teams and projects management tools. However, the main focus is on a management of knowledge sharing, transfering and keeping processes within teams.

Efficiefy provides a view on domain knowledge on projects. However, the domain knowledge on projects is not static, so Efficiefy is focused on a dynamic nature of the knowledge and the processes of its changes, transfering and sharing between people in teams.

At the moment, we support GitHub. In the nearest time integrations for GitHub issues, Bitbucket, and Jira(cloud) would be added. We will announce about that in our blog.

There are 2 authentication options available at the moment: GitHub application(recommended) and GitHub user access token(only for testing purposes). When using GitHub application you don't need to provide credentials, instead there would be a similar authorisation flow like when you are giving permissinons to some app at Facebook, Google, etc. You would be directed to GitHub page, where you select repositories to share and view requested permissions.

The access to a repository is needed in order to analyze code and provide you with insights, metrics and risks analysis.

Efficiefy requests a readonly access to view your repository commits, branches, merges, collaborators, issues, pull requests, diffs.

GitHub does not distinguish between reading code and reading commits - there is the same permission for both. Efficiefy is only reading commits diffs and is never looking at the code by itself.

Efficiefy is parsing repositories with some delays. Wait for 15-30 minutes, if still nothing appeared, then please contact us via contact@efficiefy.io

  • Commits: message, affected files names, author, processed data(keywords, number of code lines). The diff is not stored!
  • Branches
  • Repository names
  • Pull requests: title, state, users, affected files names, processed data(keywords, number of code lines). The body/diff is not stored!
  • Contributors/collaborators
  • Git issues: title, body, state, users, processed data(keywords)
  • Dates for commits, pull requests, issues
  • Folder names
  • Processed analytics and competencies data
  • Any data entered by you in forms and inputs

No, never. All this data is kept in memory only until it is used.

It is easy, go to your profile page and click delete all data, confirm deletion. The deletion would not happen immediately, it takes 15-30 minutes. The data would be removed completely from our database. However, our snapshots still could keep the data for a period of time for a few days until full erasing.

Only one person: the founder of Efficiefy. All other specialists does not have access to neither database, nor infrastructure. The access is required in order to maintain infrastructure and analyze issues. Neither part of your data is shared with any 3rd party. We are using analytics tools like Segment and Google Analytics, which are tracking pages and clicks in the application, but neither data except clicks, user emails and page views is shared with them.

Yes. Your connection to the application is done using TLS/SSL protocol. Inside our cluster in Google Cloud all connections are strictly secured with mutual TLS protocol with automated certificates rotation. We are applying the best practices in order to protect all private data.

No, we don't store your codebase. We don't store your git credentials in any persistent storage if you are using GitHub Application way of integration(which is highly recommended).

No, we don't know such.

Please contact us via contact@efficiefy.io or via Linkedin

Feel free to book a call using Calendly