On 20th of January Y Combinator started another batch of its Startup School.
Registration will go up until 5th of February.
It is a great opportunity to get access to a huge network of participants, to learn from experts and to speak with people having similar business issues as yours.
From former participants of the School, we may see, that school is useful for both starting companies and the companies already having stable revenue, but wanted to try new areas of business.

The Efficiefy team has decided to participate - that would be 8 weeks of a hard work.
Our goal is to launch in a 1 month, delivering software development companies with the best tool for managing knowledge and employee retention risks on their projects.
Below are the benefits we expect to receive from the participation.


There are 11500+ companies, who are current or former participants, 9000+ of them have already launched their businesses.
We are now a part of this growing community!
This gives great sales and networking opportunities, as it contains a lots of successful companies.


The lectures are given either by industry experts or by founders of successful startups.
They are covering the most important things for early businesses: building a product, legal mechanics, sales, building a team.


Any questions on startup mechanics, local channels and abilities to meet up with other founders. There are frequent AMA's (Ask Me Everything) sessions with YC experts.

Weekly sessions with other founders

It gives opportunity to get advice on your product strategy from other founders from all over the world.


There are different ones, including bookkeeping and legal services, analytics, CRMs.
The most valuable for Efficiefy is a deal from Google Cloud Platform - this is a proved and secure cloud infrastructure provider, which we are using for the product.

Y Startup School makes early days of new products more efficient in terms both effort and costs.
We acknowledge it, that is the Efficiefy way!

If you are current or former alumni of the School or a software development company interested in making development less risky and more efficient, feel free to contact us via Linkedin or via our contact form.