In this article I would like to tell what kind of product is Efficiefy, why is it named this way and who we are.

I am working in software development industry for 7+ years. During this time I had different positions and titles.
I passed a path from Junior to Senior developer.
I was working as a Scrum Master, Technical Lead and Software Architect.

Working closely with developers, project managers, business representatives, I saw different problems appearing during creating software products, both from side of developers and management.
Often projects' deadlines were postponed, budgets were growing 1.5+ times, even some projects were canceled at all.

With regard to development companies survey done by Coding Sans in 2019 , the biggest challenges in software development were (% of respondents):

2019 developers companies biggest challenges

Different solutions are available on the market for each of the problems listed above.
However, the existence of these challenges says, that solutions are imperfect.
Even more, looking at the survey results for 2018 year we may see, that knowledge sharing challenge is recognized for 6% more respondents in 2019 year.

Trying to make sharing knowledge, prioritizing developers and solving employee retention issues I came to an idea of creating tool. So, what is it?
Efficiefy is a verb based on a noun 'efficiency' and means making something more efficient.
This is a SaaS for management of competencies levels, knowledge management, burnout/retention of members of software development teams.
It is designed mostly for project managers and team/tech leads, however could be useful for developers as well to build personal development plans.

It is going to solve such exact problems in software development:

  1. Track level of competency in business/tech topics for developers
  2. Track level of complexity of business/tech topics
  3. Help in estimating tasks during sprint/release planning phase
  4. Help with knowledge sharing within a team
  5. Manage developers burnout/retention risks
  6. Manage task/sprint/release risks related to knowledge and competency

Are you ready to Efficiefy your development process?
Feel free to contact us via our contact form or directly in Linkedin.
I will be glad to provide more insights on how Efficiefy is working and how it could help you with your daily tasks.