Each project has some issues with knowledge migration on it. It is not a secret there can be a situation with a few super developers which know the whole picture of the project. Which includes the code and business model.

Such players are the most valuable for every business. All team leaders and managers want to have more and more such kind of developers, because due to them they can increase value of the product. Obviously crucial character of such kind of devs is knowledge. And fortunately we can influence this.

Knowledge is the most important thing in soft development business because expertise consists of knowledge. All soft is built by development team and BI team expertise and collaboration. Each soft is a set of some clusters of knowledge which commonly is a working business model.

If we understand how to manage knowledge, we will understand how to form such culture of knowledge sharing in a developers’ team.

But how we can measure knowledge? For such kind of things Efficiefy can help you. Knowledge is hidden in communication between team, code base, task tracking and documentation. If we analyze such fusion - we can make effective management, effective prediction, efficient distribution of development process.

Why it is important?

It is no secret that the achievement of goals depends on good management. In any management of project you need to have good tools and approaches to do this.

Approaches to measure efficacy of management choices and hypothesis. For collecting and sorting tasks there are task trackers but for knowledge distribution in development team, development process. You could apply Efficiefy to reach this goal.


Efficiefy could help you with measuring knowledge distribution on a project and process. It helps avoid situations, when development team is not balanced.
Not balanced means not effective.


Team leaders can distribute work between team members more accurate to avoid situation when the only one man is knowledge holder.

Team can ask such kind of knowledge holders directly not digging the code and searching who has done this functional to find who can help.

Managers would know who is knowledge holder and can influence the situation, to avoid super knowledge holders. And hence they can make a more effective team, where every person can be replaced without losses for project. You will get the opportunity to shape the distribution of knowledge within the team

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