Efficiefy analyzes data from your task tracker and git repository to provide you with insights on a level of expertise of your employees and teams.

It brings solution for

Product owners

  • Reducing costs on knowledge management processes
  • Better prediction of costs for new project/feature

Project managers

  • Management of knowledge/expertise retention risks
  • Assigning tasks to proper team members
  • Clear vision on how expertise affects code quality


  • Easy way to find an expert for a specific topic when team is big
  • Vision on topics with a weak knowledge which should be improved
  • View of personal code metrics and a way to compare them with other team members

Manage risks

Track tasks done by developers and see which risks are associated with the work done. Manage and predict future issues.

Know better your developers expertise in project

See how much your team is experienced in different parts of code. To be on a safe side, there should be at least 2-3 developers with a high expertise in each region of code.

Improve knowledge sharing

There are always people in a team who are working on some part of a product for the first time and are newbees there. They could make typical mistakes without being supervised and mentored by experts in related parts of the product. These mistakes could be easily prevented by improved knowledge sharing flow.

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